How I Made $60k Buying And Building Travel Blogs Last Year

How I Made $60k Buying And Building Travel Blogs Last Year

Last year I made about $60k in revenue buying and building websites by exploiting what was a fairly untalked about strategy among travel bloggers for quite some time.

In the process, I probably invested less than $5k.

I’d like to share that story here because I think it makes for an interesting case study.

Now, full disclosure, in recent months I have moved away from this strategy altogether.

Or perhaps to be more exact – it has moved away from me.

A lot of the opportunity I was exploiting has largely dissipated on account of various exogenous factors plus the market getting entirely flooded.

Too many people started buying these types of websites, which drove the prices up, while at the same time Google penalized some very prominent sites in the industry, which drove demand down.

In short, you were spending more money to make less and eventually I decided to move on to other projects.

As such, I have not bought a website for several months and have no immediate plans to do so in the future, nor do I recommend anyone else to copy this and buy websites with a similar strategy in mind.


Also, as you dive deeper into this case study you may begin to wonder if this was against Google’s TOS. The answer is yes, and in some cases this led to penalties, and in others, it didn’t.

Though I do think this strategy today can yield a profit (with the main caveat here being that you have to have contact information of interested buyers), I choose to spend my time on other projects.

Additionally, the lessons learned are the most important part and will hopefully guide you through some of your own endeavors with buying websites. Continue Reading …

Review Of SoHelpful – Does Helpful Marketing Work?

Review Of SoHelpful – Does Helpful Marketing Work?

For the last 90 days I have been using and reviewing a new startup, SoHelpful, which aims to help you find your first 100 customers through helpful marketing.

In this tutorial, you will learn

  • What is SoHelpful?
  • How do I set up SoHelpful?
  • What results can I expect from SoHelpful?
  • What is it like to speak with someone on SoHelpful?

And more..!

Note: This post does NOT contain affiliate links, and I have no business association with SoHelpful other than the fact that I am a customer, nor did they request for me to write this review or pay me to do so.
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Is Making Money A Luxury For Only Westerners?

Is Making Money A Luxury For Only Westerners?

I try to keep this blog about business, entrepreneurship, and content marketing.

However as a result of my 500 Ways To Make Money , I’ve attracted a sizable following of people who want to learn how to make money (MMO).

These people look to me for advice, and as a result I occasionally write posts like how I made $108 with After Offers.

I’m not trying to be the make money guy, but you can’t always control your audience and what they want.

One of the outcomes of this is that I weekly receive emails like the following:

How to start earning money through internet? How to earn good income through Internet? Earn as part-time

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After Offers Review – How I Made $108 With My Blog

After Offers Review – How I Made $108 With My Blog

UPDATE: In September 2014 this earned over $400. Check out my monthly growth reports for more details

This month I have been experimenting with a new way to make money from your blog’s subscribers, known as After Offers.

The results have been pretty impressive so I thought I’d share.

This post contains no affiliate links for After Offers nor have they asked me to write this post.

What Is After Offers?

I first came across After Offers in two places. The first was a mention in MatthewWoodwards Income Report where he attests to making $171 from a “dead page” leveraging their system.

I then saw it again in this Paid Ads Case Study by EmpireFlippers, where they talk about being an advertiser on After Offers.

Both were positive reviews, so I decided to test it out for myself and give the full publisher perspective.

The premise is incredibly simple, and I’m going to steal a bit from Matt here because he has explained it very well.

When someone subscribes to my email list they get taken to my confirmation page telling them to confirm their email address.

But now that page also shows them something like this Continue Reading …

10 Ways To Increase Perceived Value (Without Breaking The Bank)

10 Ways To Increase Perceived Value (Without Breaking The Bank)

The other day I was watching a webinar, where the host was selling a product for $397.

At the end of the presentation, I was left with the decision as to whether or not I was going to buy.

Despite the claims by the host that the product was worth well beyond the $397 price tag, I decided that for me, it wasn’t worth it.

However, it was interesting to me that naturally there would be some people who would buy, as well as some people who would not.

How is this possible?

The answer is perceived value.

If we lived in a world where the value of a good was indisputably equal to its price tag, we would never have these issues.

Instead, we live in a world where people come up with their own interpretation of the perceived value of a good.

If their perceived value is greater than the price tag, in most circumstances they will buy.

If it is not, they won’t.

It’s really as simple as that.

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How To Sell Shovels In A Gold Rush

How To Sell Shovels In A Gold Rush

Have you ever heard the phrase “selling shovels in a gold rush”?

Do you know what it means?

Consider this question:

Who got rich during the California gold rush era?

Answer: The people who sold the miners and other gold rush followers the tools and supplies they needed (i.e Levi Strauss).

Funny that even over 150 years later we still have the same scenario – very many people digging for gold, and a select few people really profiting off their endeavors.

For example, I’ve always thought that niche site building was somewhat of an example of a modern day gold rush. It’s not exactly a get rich quick, but it does pack the allure of passive income, scalability, and relatively easy work.

But how many people are really “rich” off niche sites – or at least doing well enough to be able to say that they are making a full time, stable living off them? Continue Reading …

How I Took A Side Business From $0 To $9k/month And Back Again In One Year

How I Took A Side Business From $0 To $9k/month And Back Again In One Year

It’s quite rare that a business starts from nothing, flourishes past six figures and then collapses – all within one year.

Normally a life cycle like that takes several years minimum.

I managed to do it in one.

Today I have the privilege of bringing to you this never before seen story – beginning, middle, and end as well as the lessons learned along the way. Continue Reading …

Two Case Studies On Using Reddit To Generate Leads

Two Case Studies On Using Reddit To Generate Leads

Reddit is one of those social media platforms that most business owners don’t know how to use.

It’s a bit of a black hole – there just isn’t much data on it. It also fosters a strong sense of community, like a lunch table filled with people you don’t know and aren’t comfortable sitting down with for fear of being rejected.

So most of us stay away from it completely, which is a big mistake.

Reddit gets Over 100 million unique reddit visits a month.

How can we use it to generate actual leads for our business?

Let’s start by diving into the Reddit platform and then we’ll look at some case studies: Continue Reading …